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Design digitally, exhibit digitally, purchase digitally, and eventual production in a digital manner; this process will challenge and mitigate overproduction and overconsumption. In order to achieve this, we had to rediscover characteristics ​​that are typical for clothing and fashion, such as composition, texture, movement and touch.

For this we worked closely together with a team of experts, seeking for the opportunities and possibilities of 3D photography, animation, virtual reality and soundscape. With this interdisciplinary project group we have 're-defined' tactility. In our exhibition you will observe this in three different aspects. To begin with we have a 3D photo series of fabrics designed by us, which suggests fabric characteristics without making it tangible in the way we already know.

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Secondly, by a (moving) collection animation, where we stimulate the viewer to participate in a virtual experience. And finally, the Virtual Reality world we have designed, which shows the collection and offers a new fashion perspective that encourages an interactive experience with the fabric.

By implementing a sound scape, we stimulate senses other than those that are typically involved when experiencing tangible fabric, this gives the participant a new way of experiencing tactility.

With this project we want to inform, stimulate and connect the current fashion industry and push our design-aesthetics further along the innovative and digital route.


The photo exhibition we put together shows we can still suggest the characteristics of fabrics without making them tangible in the way we already know. The details and features of these displayed renders are translations of the idea of fabric, which we created in another way than we already know.

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These animations show the fall and movements of real shapes and fabrics without the real physical movement. The interaction and motion of the fabric hopefully shows affection for the digital materials that could be comparable with real fabric crafting, without it being a too literal translation. The collection animation is supposed to make you feel curious to participate in the virtual experience, by seeing the motion of the materials and delivering suggestions of outfits.


The virtual reality world displays the total collections with its details and finishes and offers an interactive experience with the fabrics. The senses involved in this experience are stimulated and this way we are trying to compensate the fact that there is nothing tangible. This way, tactility is generated in a new way by ‘’digital’’ touch and sound.

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