SHIFT is a nomadic 24-hour design school , moving independently and situationally around a program and a theme. For each new edition SHIFT invites a progressive practitioner as a tutor to develop a 24-hour scenario for one or more participants. The enactment of design around the human body is a core theme.

Society is currently going through a fourth industrial revolution, driven by a series of technological breakthroughs in automation, robotics and artificial intelligence.

Currently, digital and human, technology and craft are still seen as two separate worlds. But eventually humans will become more technological, and technology will become more human. This shift indigitalization of emotion will be a huge part of the communicative, medical, but also creative future. We would like to outline this in threedimensional perspective.

PMS does visual research by questioning things like: what if fashion will be so advanced that shapes and materials become self-contained creatures where the human body becomes irrelevant? Nowadays we define our personalities by clothing, but what if articifial intelligent clothing will define itself by us?

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